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Putting Age -friendly Principles into Practice - 4 Social Particpation Part II

Men's Sheds are springing up everywhere and they aren't just about making things. This one is in Bundaberg, Australia This Photo by Unknown Author is licensed under CC BY The Men’s Shed Movement* For the more practically inclined, there are Men’s Sheds. Originally started by   former miners in Broken Hill in Australia in the 1980’s, they are usually about fixing or making things but have proven to be a good antidote against the loneliness and depression often experienced by older men once their working life is over. Retrenched men, bereaved men, divorced men and Vietnam veterans also find support there. As a spokesperson for the movement explains, “Social isolation is a major killer of men.”      For a longer video about this click here . Men’s sheds have also proven to be effective in improving men’s physical health because they also become information hubs. Like U3As they have caught on in many parts of the world and can be  found throughout Europe, in South East Asia