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Down Memory Lane – How it was

   More on the Migrant Experience While I was searching for something else recently, I came across the full 1998 film* version of   "T he Sound of  One Hand Clapping” based on Richard Flanagan’s book of the same name. Having just written about Tullah and the Hydro Villages, it seemed an odd coincidence, so I’m adding it here. A couple of scenes at the beginning were shot in Tullah, though the early part of the story most likely took place in the Highlands - possibly Bronte Park judging by the gum trees, especially as work in Tullah didn't start until the 1970s. Though a poignant story on its own, it will have special meaning for anyone who remembers that era or who wants to know what it was really like for the post war migrants working on the big Hydro schemes , not just in Tasmania, but also on the Snowy River in NSW. People of different nationalities and backgrounds were all thrown together and that glass of beer at the pub may well have been the closest thing to co

Merry Christmas Everyone!


On Telphones and other wonders of the Modern World and a Happy New Year Everyone!

 On the subject of nostalgia.... Of course people also said that Television, comics and popular novels would all mean the end of civilisation and much the same was said about the introduction of the Waltz , dance in general, Elvis, Jazz and Rock Music , not to mention p lays, films and videos and video games . They were probably right.  What will the New Year bring?    Here's hoping it's a happy one.  Let's make it so.  Ein Guter Rutsch! to my German friends.    

Food for Thought -Eating Our Way to Extinction  

  I’m in the process of rethinking our Christmas Dinner after watching this movie narrated by Kate Winslet. Briefly it says, the biggest difference we can make as individuals with respect to global warming and deforestation, is to change what we eat. This is aside from concerns about animal welfare and helping ourselves to better health. You can watch the full movie here.       A Vegan Christmas? I have noticed that our big supermarkets now have a plant -based food section and they are definitely getting better. Have been thinking of making something like this Vegetarian Beef Wellington but may have left it a bit late for this year. Here are some tips on coping with the festive season , if you want to begin your vegan journey now.  I’m sure all those farmed animals will be eternally grateful. Get more Christmas inspiration here  or here    There is a blistering array of new vegan and vegetarian products on supermarket shelves and that's not counting those in the drygoods