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Shipwrecks and Shorebirds – Afternoon at Marion Bay

Beach landscape in Winter It’s been spring -like today, but apart from that it feels like it’s been raining for a month. Nevertheless,   there was one day, a bit grey, when the rain held off for a while and my walking buddy   hauled me off to a rather lovely beach for a couple of hours.    The winter visitor's reward - an untrodden beach   I imagine that Marion Bay goes crazy over summer. It is a popular spot with surfers, but today its modest collection of beach houses seems subdued and almost abandoned.   There is merit in visiting a beach in winter, so long as you aren’t looking for a swim.   Looking eastwards towards the Forestier Peninsula From the new lookout there are views over long stretches of empty beach, the ragged coast of the Forestier Peninsula, a bit of Maria Island and a wide expanse of open sea.   Apparently this bay has long been popular with sailors - a welcome pause after crossing the wild Southern Ocean. Abel Tasman (16

Around Town - 2 In praise of small shops

 Inviting display at merchant - Liverpool Street While doing a mad dash around town the other day looking for birthday cards, I discovered some delightful new shops. I do love small shops. They may be a bit more expensive but they are full of personality and you are sure to find something original and different. Here are a couple of my favourites of the moment. Colourful enamelware occupies one niche at the merchant merchant in Liverpool Street caught my eye because of the flowers outside and the lovely old typewriters in the window.   With   it’s bizarre collection of stuffed animals of the taxidermic   kind– and I am not quite sure how I feel about those - one hopes no animals were harmed etc., it’s a bit like Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium and you just know there will be surprises inside.Right at the door there is a collection of succulents in unusual containers. On the opposite wall, old fashioned enamelware jostles with Tasmanian woodwork, handmade g

Around Town - 1

Caught these two rabbits crossing the road yesterday Apparently they were raising money for the R.S.P.C.A. our animal welfare organisation. Today is their National Dog Day, in case you didin't know either. If you would like to help or maybe even adopt a canine companion, check out their Facebook Page. PS I don't think these rabbits are available for adoption, but there's a very cute one in Devonport that is.

Bury Me Standing - A short post about a long coffee

Loved all the flowers Thought I would be writing about our beautiful spring blossoms today, but on Tuesday night we had a terrible storm and now there are hardly any left. Looks like I have to tell you about a delightful little coffee shop I discovered instead.  It reminds me of some of the crazy ones I visited in Russia – eclectic décor, eclectic people and a really nice vibe that makes you want to stay there and write novels or at least drink coffee all day (and no, I didn’t get a freebie from them). What got me in was that they had fresh flowers all over the place- more than necessary really, and then you start noticing all the other stuff –definitely some conversation starters there!  You could say the place is colourful Oh. And did I mention the coffee wasn't half bad and they have enormous yummy bagels. I’m sure they have other interesting food, but after the apple fruit bagel generously loaded with cream cheese, I couldn’t bring myself to loo