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It must be Australia Day

My wildlife pics are nearly as good as my bird pictures  . have taken these from the car with my phone I visited a friend who lives on the edge of town today. I couldn't believe my eyes when I got near his house. There were dozens and dozens of kangaroos. There are usually one or two up this way,  especially around dusk, but I had never seen so many kangaroos in this area before. Did they know it was Australia Day? As I drove a bit further on, the answer soon presented itself. Around the corner, a man was filling buckets of water and the kangaroos were simply flocking to them. Things are looking very dry, so it could be a nice thing to do if you are on the urban fringe. It proves that in some places at least our wild life is still thriving. Speaking of wild life - this is the time of year that young devils first venture out of their dens or get kicked out of home, so keep a look out for them and drive carefully on our roads.

And now for the Itinerary you’ve been waiting for......

The Apocalypse Tour for Cashed –Up   Climate Change Deniers See Bleaching Reefs, Creeping Desserts, Experience Extreme Weather, Cradle Orphan Animals, Go Shooting – Australia has it all Experience the Tour of a Lifetime - everyone’s Lifetime.   Early Bird Special - free Deluxe P2 masks for the first 500 bookings! Image by Herbert via Pixabay   I have often been asked to lead tours or suggest an itinerary for visitors to Australia, so here is a very special one for those who still think that (a) There is no climate change (b) That the earth is flat. (c) That the latest bushfires, heatwaves and erratic weather are a natural phenomenon or (d) They were caused by arsonists or the Greenies for not allowing us to burn off and log everything. There are after all no bushfires or dead animals when everything has been paved over. No food either, but that’s another story. For the rest of you, just come anyway. Australia is vast and there are still ver

Apocalypse Tours – A new growth industry?

Image by Terri Sharp from Pixabay Are the weather Gods trying to send a message directly to Canberra? Last week the nation’s capital sweltered in 40+ temperatures and looked like it was about to be engulfed by flames.   Yesterday it was slammed by hail stones the size of golf balls, which caused considerable damage and loss of power to 1000 homes. Meanwhile the Gold Coast had flash flooding due to super storms , but according to the Rural Fire Service, the rain has been so patchy that 46 fires in NSW are still burning and 16 have still not been contained. Drought continues in many parts of the country with huge dust storms enveloping places such as Dubbo and Parkes. Severe weather warnings continue for much of Australia, with the main bushfire season only just beginning. Some people have suggested that we should ease up on the prayers a bit and actually do something about preventing further climate change, rather than generating more hot air. There is no economy on a dea