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Some short walks at last and a glimpse of the Shot Tower

A little autumn colour behind the dwelling at the Shot Tower, Taroona My friend has been a bit better this week and so has the weather, so we have had a couple of short walks, a breath of fresh   air and  our usual long talks   - about philosophy, the state of the world and things which have gotten up our noses since the last time we walked. I always find it quite therapeutic. Not sure about my friend, but he’s a very patient soul. Although the walks haven’t been too strenuous out of consideration for his state of health, I am so out of shape that I have secretly also appreciated the fact that both of them were only about an hour each.       1. Whitewater Creek, Kingston The first walk was a very gentle one along Whitewater Creek in Kingston – not spectacular, but easy going and very good as a first try. It also had some excellent information about wetlands of which this is a part, and how important they are in absorbing run-off and to filter out pollutants before

Spiegeltent – ghosts of show business past

Spiegeltent on Hobart's waterfront has a long history  Had a great time listening to Judith Lucy in the Spiegeltent last night. It was certainly a nice break from election coverage and stories of mass shootings in New Zealand. The venue was a real blast too.  Did I mention that the show was really good too? Not as rabid as the title might suggest This Spiegeltent is one of two which was used by the Klessens family to travel around Belgium until about 1919.    Its big brother/sister was struck by an incendiary bomb and this one – “De Sonnenstrahl” was stolen.   After being rediscovered, post WWII, it lived on as a cabaret venue in Berlin, but as film and television took away audiences, it was put into storage.   In 2014 it was brought to Australia by James McPherson and co – producer, choreographer Jason Coleman and has been spreading happiness and joy ever since. Wish I could show you some pictures, but photography is banned inside. Of timber, glass and c

Meet Borys – Extreme Cyclist

- image courtesy of Natasha Mulhall A bit busy at the moment, so I thought I would introduce you to Borys , one of my neighbours. I’d often seen his van parked nearby, but finally got up the courage to ask him what the heck he does. Boris is originally from Poland and came to Australia 12 years ago. He's a professional mountain biker and Trials Bicycle rider and holds two National Elite Championship titles. He's been riding for 16 years and has also plied his most unusual occupation in Europe and Asia.Watch him in action on FB   - image courtesy of Natasha Mulhall Health Warning : don’t try this at home, unless like Borys, you've had at least 16 years experience! Boris at work at the Taste of Tasmania Festival Mountain Bike in its natural habitat By the way, we did get our heatwave. Last Saturday it was officially 38oC  -the second highest temperature in the country, possibly the world, after Adelaide, so the We