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Wild Flower Jubilee

The last time I saw Western Australia, it was a dry and barren land with lots of bare earth and very little ground cover compared to Tasmania. This time though, it rained the whole of September, making it the wettest winter on record in 50 years and the plants have been celebrating with a riot of colour and variety unlike any I have seen, anywhere. Even a small patch of waste ground beside the visitor's information board in Augusta yielded three different types of orchids and the stoniest roadsides still produced an amazing array of plants and colours. The camera doesn't begin to do them justice - especially the flamboyant blues and reds, and the brightness of the West Australian sun tends to bleach them out, but for now you'll just have to use your imagination. Sorry, I don't know most of their names either Spider Orchid Little fringed Purple Flower Mystery Blue Flowers The strange Tassel Plant One of my first Orchids. Orchid Spotting became a bit of a passion. Have