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Christmas Greetings 2009

Hi there everyone!
Just wanted to wish you all a really jolly
HO! HO! HO! kind of Christmas.
There's no snow here of course - it's 39 Degrees Celsius and I can only dream about White Christmasses. No flowers now either - just dry crackling bush all around. It makes me nervous about Carols by Candelight tomorrow night. Maybe I should take the fire extinguisher - just in case.

Signs of the times 1
There are any number of pampered pooches, vets, dog salons and orthodontists in this area

All the other signs of Christmas are everywhere. The Christmas tree is up. Corny carols and Christmas specials in the shops, groceries going up, all that tinsel and the man in red turning up everywhere- Wonder what the children think of that? - not to mention the crowds, the queues and the noise.

Signs of the times 2 and 3
This last one is at a local nursery. They also have another one that says
"Trespassers will be pruned and propagated."

The Christmas Tree
There are no decorations on the lower branches because the girls like them too much!

Still, it's nice that you can now bribe the younger ones to be good for a couple weeks by saying that Santa might not come if they don't pick up their toys. Even though I am a non -believer, I do rather like this little mailbox outside the Darlington Post Office. I am going to put a letter in there myself before the week is up.

Seen on Christmas Morning, Darlington

Have a Happy New Year!