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Goodbye Western Australia

Possibly a type of Casuarina - these are not so much flowers  as excrescences

Have no idea what this tree is either but it has little yellow star flowers like a Jasmine


In Western Australia the season of flowering trees continues -not just the Jacarandas, stunning as they are, but also those above, several types of ti -tree and the first of the flowering gums, a spectacular pink one. (Sorry no photo, I was in someone else's car on the way to dinner).The bright red calistemons, usually one of my favourites because they come out at Christmas time and provide a seasonally appropriate splash of colour, came out much earlier this year and during a particularly hot spell, making them go into almost immediate decline before the flower heads had fully developed.

Calistemon - usually prolific at this time of year, but few and far between this time

Sadly, most of them look like this - dying off before they are fully in bloom

Though I wasn't sorry to be leaving the heat behind, I was a bit sad to be leaving Western Australia, knowing that I was unlikely to be back, now that my daughter and her little family were relocating to Queensland. This had been their home for the past six years or so, but such is the way in Australia. You have to be prepared to go where the work takes you. It makes the annual get together that is Christmas all the more important. Goodbye to the West and all the good friends there.

That's more like it - see what I mean about Calistemons being Christmassy?