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Mission Accomplished – Adamson’s Falls at last!

Middle Tier  Adamson's Falls

Third time lucky. There was a glimmer of sunshine yesterday morning and I took off for Hastings without even stopping for breakfast. I didn’t tell a soul I was going either, just in case it was another fail. As I neared Hastings the only raincloud in the sky was over Adamson’s Peak, very close to where I was going, but I didn’t let it stop me. It still took me five and a half hours and I still got wet – it rained again just before I got to the falls, but I was not quitting this time. Alas, this means that the pictures are now a bit blurry and dull, but it is a magnificent fall.

A glimpse of the Upper Tier
 The lower Tier - hear it roar
The secret of my success plus two pairs of Explorer socks  - forget the trendy walking boots, but beware gumboots are slipperier

Not many fungi about now, not even as many as there were last week, but the one below certainly caught my attention and the lichens are doing their best to fill the void.
Not many fungi about but this one is a lovely colour - probably a porpolomopsis lewellinaiae nearing the end of its days
Lichens are really coming into their own