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The Greening

The maidenly blush of new blossom has almost gone, though a what miracle it was after that long winter. Now it is a new season which ought to have a special name and be celebrated in its own right. It is in Europe of course, where its equivalent falls in May. It’s that time in mid – spring when the trees hastily cover their naked branches in flamboyant green. The rich fat smell of hawthorn fills the air, the chestnut puts out its white candles and the bees are busy.  A lazy bird of prey rides on the

The chestnut
The oakleaves

At the Railway Roundabout

The elms

In the gardens

Though I love the steadfast evergreens and enduring eucalypts, the annual renewal of deciduous trees still fills me with delight. If autumn colour brings intimations of mortality and thinking of times past and loves lost, this flush of green is a kind of quickening that makes me yearn for new adventures and do new things before the harsher sun of summer turns all that green grass brown.

Fiddle heads getting ready to sproing. I always want to catch them at it but it never seems to work without time lapse

Old trees feel their sap rising
Young apprentices feel it....

.... and older folk are not immune, though they may of course be discussing their investment strategy