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Delicious – a little food odyssey

Hmm... looks good. Too bad I just had breakkfast !

Although some of the fires are still burning, an unexpected  snowstorm last Thursday brought the bushfire crises to an abrupt end and suddenly it feels like autumn – perfect walking weather really, but my poor walking buddy has been laid up since Christmas, so I thought I’d tell you about some pleasant indoor experiences I’ve had instead, especially as posts about food seem to be among the more popular ones lately.  I am indebted to my daughter for introducing me to these places as it wouldn’t normally occur to me to spend that much on food.  

Tucked away in an unlikely location in a semi –industrial part of town Little Missy Patisserie in Argyle Street, was almost completely packed out.  It didn’t take long to find out why. The pastries, all made on the premises are positively divine. Choosing what to have was the hardest part, though I did want to try the cheesecake. The plan was to share it with my daughter, but I couldn’t help myself and probably would have licked the plate if there hadn’t been so many people around. 

Hobart Secret -Little Missy Patisserie -Argyle St. is well patronised

I should have photographed it, but I never thinK of it until after I have enjoyed a meal, so if you really want to feast your eyes on the food you should check out their website, or better still, go and try it for yourself.

Can't remember what this was  - maybe strawberry rhubarb something?

Fico in Macquarie Street was another little place I rather enjoyed, at least in part because I hadn’t noticed it before. There aren’t many places in Hobart where you see sea urchins, sweetbreads and pigeons on the lunch menu. Although Italian inspired, there is a flourish and quality to it which sets it apart from your regular Italian eatery. There is no spaghetti bolognaise in sight.

 The décor is classic and understated –muted colours, a rustic board, plain serviettes of coarse linen, which allow food and conversation to take centre stage. Our waiter is a charming Frenchman. Portions are generous and hearty in the Italian tradition and the food is honest – duck terrine, handmade bread with tangy oil, handmade pasta with a sprinkle of truffle through it and all of it unadorned, except for a rather pleasant glass of rose.

Real bread and a very tasty oil

 If I had been in the mood to find fault, I could say that while I didn't miss the obligatory pile of rocket, I wouldn’t have minded say, a side dish of salad or radicchio, even if I had to pay extra for it, but there wasn’t a vegetable in sight.  On the other hand, I will give Fico full marks for tastiness and hospitality and above all, for just being plain interesting. The word ‘plain’ is important. I am tired of elaborate menus which promise much but deliver little. It’s about the food. People say it’s expensive but over the years I have often had more expensive meals which left me less satisfied.

PS We didn’t visit both places on the same day! Thank you Bloss and Marc

I will have to go walking soon to walk off all this fine dining