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It must be Australia Day

My wildlife pics are nearly as good as my bird pictures  . have taken these from the car with my phone

I visited a friend who lives on the edge of town today. I couldn't believe my eyes when I got near his house. There were dozens and dozens of kangaroos. There are usually one or two up this way,  especially around dusk, but I had never seen so many kangaroos in this area before. Did they know it was Australia Day?

As I drove a bit further on, the answer soon presented itself. Around the corner, a man was filling buckets of water and the kangaroos were simply flocking to them. Things are looking very dry, so it could be a nice thing to do if you are on the urban fringe. It proves that in some places at least our wild life is still thriving.

Speaking of wild life - this is the time of year that young devils first venture out of their dens or get kicked out of home, so keep a look out for them and drive carefully on our roads.