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Happy Easter?

-Image by anncapictures from Pixabay


It's Easter in much of the Western World today and for many it is a time of reflection and celebration. Though it isn't necessarily a happy time for many people, nature continues to fulfil its promise by bringing new life, birds and flowers to the Northern Hemisphere and the autumn harvest to those in the South. Such things are always worth celebrating. Long may they continue.

My wish for all is for health and peace because from those all other things flow. Next up I'd like to add let's not trash the planet or there won't be any Happy Easters for anyone any more.

Big kudos to the scientists who are no longer sitting in their labs, tearing their hair out over the data that's coming in about rising temperatures, dying reefs, heatwaves in Antarctica and the Arctic, melting glaciers, floods, heavier monsoons and cyclones, heat domes and erratic weather such as we've never seen before. They are now taking to the streets.

One thousand of them in 25 countries have turned out to stress the urgency of the situation. We are used to our scientist being reserved, dispassionate and objective about what goes on in the world, but now they are gluing themselves to buildings (London) and have chained themselves to the entrance the JP Morgan Chase building in Los Angeles. This bank is the largest funder of fossil fuel exploration and development. Four of the scientists were confronted there by 100 riot police and arrested. In DC they chained themselves to a White House fence. Panamanian scientists staged protests at various embassies, while German scientists glued themselves to a bridge. In Madrid 50 scientists were arrested after pouring fake blood on the steps of the Spanish Parliament, yet little of this was reported in our newspapers. 

Listen to NASA Climate Scientist Scientist Peter Kalmus, one of those arrested in L.A. speak about why he's taking action and why it's so urgent.


@moreperfectunion LAPD met four scientists chained to Chase Bank with riot gear and arrested them during a peaceful civil disobedience for climate urgency #nasa #climate #fyp #foryou #scientist #extinctionrebellion ♬ original sound - More Perfect Union