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Today is World Ocean Day



For World Ocean Day – June 8, a friend took me to see Chris Jordan’s moving and evocative film “Albatross” which was put on by Conservation Volunteers Tasmania.




You could say that it is both a love story and a story about ocean plastics and what we stand to lose if we continue to neglect our oceans. This film has already been shown in Germany, in the Netherlands, in California and in Portugal but needs to be shown much more widely – on public television, DW, the BBC and schools too - though be warned,  some of the content is very graphic and may upset some children.

You can watch it yourself on the website – it’s filmmaker Chris Jordan’s gift to the world, though donations are welcome. If you would like to run your own screening you can do that too, but in the spirit in which the movie was made, admission must remain free for those too.


For other news about what’s happening with our oceans and how important they are, take a look at the UN’s website. The very short version goes something like this. The oceans are the world’s lungs. They absorb 30% of the carbon produced by humans and are expected to provide a livelihood for 40 million people by 2030. 

If you would like to know more about the role of oceans in absorbing heat and regulating temperatures, rainfall and drought see the Microsoft news site here. Be sure to click the Read More section to get the full story. Or if you would like to know more about our endangered marine creatures, click here.

For more on the scourge of ocean plastics and what can and must be done, click here

We'll be talking more about Crime and Punishment shortly.