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Hot Chocolate Weather

Hey! Who stole my mountain?

Just after I started posting those photos we got a snow storm, a blizzard really. Too bad about the peach blossom. The temperature dropped to 5.5oC at lunchtime and tonight it will be 3.oC. That might not sound cold if you are in northern climes, but believe me, it is. With the salt air from the sea and the cold winds from Antarctica, it's a bit like making icecream. Wind chill makes it colder than Canada after that terrible ice storm. I think it could be some kind of record for Tasmania. I have only seen the snow down as far as this once in Hobart and that was 16 years ago. Usually the sea has a moderating influence here, though we do get our below zeros in the mountains.I'd forgotten what a real Tassie winter was like. It always looks so romantic from a distance.

The nights close in early. Sunset is at 4.53 p.m. I am tempted to put the big heater on, the one with a fan like a747 engine, but the last time I did it, the power went out in the whole street and I had no heating at all. I guess everyone had the same idea. So it's mugs of hot chocolate, thick socks, some books and a blanket and I'll hibernate until spring while the wind howls and shrieks around the house. Maybe it's wolves, or at least devils. I feel like a polar bear on an ice floe.

Builders call this type of house a Sugar Cube. I have a couple of other names for it. How about Ice Cube, Crystal Palace, Home of the Ice Queen?, Icehouse....Igloos could be warmer. How is that global warming coming on?

I suppose I should be glad I've got a home to complain about about. It does beat a dumpster or a bus shelter.

Yours truly,