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“Hallelujah, It’s Raining Men” – Not quite, but I bet that got your attention!

Dance Instructor Ash, formerly of TasDance

It is raining. I have been down doing the Broadway Boogie with some very friendly people and this was one of the tunes they played (Check it out on YouTube).   OK the video is a bit scary but I promise it will make you want to dance.

When you are over yoga and you want something a little more energetic than Tai Chi, that doesn’t involve push - ups, crunches, running laps or pressing weights, or even regular attendance, this might be just the thing. I personally have rarely worked up such a sweat with such enthusiasm.
Alas, there was only one long suffering male there, but wait till they hear how many fit, fun,  and fabulous women go to this.  

Thanks for a great time Ash, and to the people who made us so welcome!

Can't wait until I can do this!