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Up at the Mayfair and all that Jazz

Not New Orleans, but sounds like it

 It isn’t often that we have free entertainment in the street/ courtyard. Today it was the Hobart Jazz Club, playing up the hill at the Mayfair. Great fun – cheap wine, cheap food and good  company, all within walking - even crawling distance of home.
Is that a bit of product placement I detect in the corner? Never mind they gave out prizes too, so I'll forgive them. Nothing like a couple of glasses of wine on a sunny afternoon to make one feel forgiving.

The Jazz Executives belt out a tune

This is the other group,   whose name I didn't catch. Excellent voice on the lead singer. At least two of the ladies from my dance class were there and when they played some of those Broadway numbers, we were up and dancing.  We had fun even though I have as yet, very little idea of the steps. Hey! They were playing our songs. Nor were we the only ones happily making fools of ourselves.

This next picture isn't at all relevant to this story and I would never get away with it in a paper, but I am going to put it in anyway because there were such superb clouds overhead while the band played

The Sky - it was windy up there
Don't expect too much sense out me this p.m.