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More Antarctica -even the Huskies are coming

It seems that Antarctica is the flavour of the month, or at least it will be in September when Hobart’s Australian Antarctic Festival will run from September 8 -11. There is the Antarctic Dinner of course which I’ve already mentioned and Polar Walks, but there will also be several open days, exhibitions and Expos, a special performance by the Derwent Symphony Orchestra in the Town Hall, an Antarctic Photo Competition and the opportunity to do a tour of the two Antarctic vessels, the Aurora Australis and the French L’Astrolabe. 

School children are painting penguins to display along the waterfront and the State Cinema is putting on an Antarctic Film Festival which includes drinks, guest speakers, special readings and screenings and an after party. There will also be school tours and special activities for children, not to mention the huskies.

Not sure if I will make it back to Tasmania by then, but if you  want to go to the dinner or tour the icebreakers, be quick. Thirty tables have already been booked for the dinner ($300 per person) and all Saturday bookings for the ships ($10) are sold out, leaving only some Sunday times. See the full program here  


Unknown said…
I like that Antarctica to become accessible to many people. There appear entertainment for everyone. I was recently on a cruise This is an exciting journey, I advise everyone. This cruise not similar to everyone else. This is extremely cool, especially when you start to go over the ice.