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Walk in the West

Western Australia's Floral Emblem, the Kangaroo Paw  Anigozanthos mangalesii , I presume, which is only found in the South West of Western Australia

Had my first walk for the season today, not a very long one I am embarrassed to say (had to call on my daughter to come and pick me up), but I did see the first of the glorious wildflowers – the first kangaroo paws, the first orchids and many other flowers and birds whose names I don’t know. There were certainly the stunning blues of the lechenualtias (endemic to Western Australia and named after Baudin's naturalist) , a deep purple pea flower, the occasional parrot -pea like clumps and a few guinea flowers, but pink and white seemed to be the order of the day.

An unusual Lechenaultia - a different blue to most

The first Orchids - definitely a Donkey Orchid but not sure if it's the winter one or the regular one

Calothamnus rupestris or Mouse Ear saccording to Ray, who has a lovely website on native plants (see below)
In this area there were also  also large banks of rather drab white flowers which may have been responsible for the overwhelming scent of honey. What a pity I can't post smells.

Isopogon dubius, -Pincushion Coneflower -this is the one that first caught my eye when we were driving past a couple of days ago

Haven't been able to identify this plant yet
Many thanks Ray for identifying some of those flowers. Check out Ray's  G'day from It not only has excellent wildflower photos, but also Western Australia's wildlife and scenery. His orchids are absolutely stunning.
 Or this one - this pretty little plant also comes in all white too