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Farewell to the Paper Coffee Cup and other initiatives by our local council

I haven’t used a paper cup since I saw the tram full of used coffee cups representing a day’s worth in Melbourne, on the War on Waste last year.  It’s much nicer to sit down and have a break anyway and to drink from a real cup instead. I know that isn’t an option for everyone, but the Hobart City Council has now joined with Markets for Change to promote reusable cups with its Cup Conscious Café campaign.   Businesses which sign on, agree to refill reusable cups Click on the link to find one near you. This has worked so well here that the idea is catching on in other cities.  

Even better, yesterday while I was in an unrelated business and they asked if I would like a coffee, a perfect cup of coffee in a china cup was delivered by the café next door – hot, strong and with a little jug of milk on side, just the way I like it. Now that’s service!

Power tools are among several surprising finds at the Tipshop

A green tick too for the council's decision to open an inner city depot for hard to recycle items such as light globes, batteries, toner cartridges, small electronics,  mail satchels, cosmetics and pens as part of its Zero Waste by 2030 strategy.  I was also surprised to see how busy and clean its Tipshop was. My son had gone there to find a section of pipe and I took the opportunity to have a look around. It's amazing what you can find there - from cupboard door knobs to building materials, camping gear,  rare computer leads, power tools and even collectables. I even got a few bargains such as a packet florist's wire and an unopened science kit. I can't believe what some people throw out. Last year the Tipshop won the Tasmanian Community Achievement Sustainability Award and it’s great to see local councils taking up the slack where other levels of government have failed to act.

Two other things worth mentioning in this context are the council's endeavours to help  Bilbao in East Timor to manage its waste and council's recent decision to cease investing in fossil fuels in the interests of mitigating climate change.