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The Biggest Morning Tea

Forgot to show the food, but you can see the band belting out "Amore"in the background

I hate to admit it,  but I‘ve just had another terrific morning tea. I’ll have to stop this, I’m putting on too much weight, but the consolation is that it was for a good cause.

This was part of  Australia's Biggest Morning Tea which is held right around the country on May 24, to raise money for the Cancer Council. The money goes towards research, prevention and support for those who are suffering from cancer, and their families. Since one in two Australians are likely to be diagnosed with cancer before they turn 85, it is not surprising that this is the most popular and successful fundraiser in Australia. Money raised within the state stays here. 

That's Romilla in the centre, thanking the band and those who helped in the kitchen, the donors of prizes and the guests

Ours was hosted by a lovely local lady, Romilla who has been doing it since 2003. So far she has raised $250,000 not counting today. This has become a real community event each year with entertainment and frantic bidding on gift vouchers donated by local businesses and others. There are also trade tables, raffles and a big plant and produce stand -everything but the dancing girls. Besides the feel good factor from doing something faintly noble, it was also jolly good fun.

If there isn’t already a Biggest Morning Tea happening near you, it’s not too late to host your own. Any time throughout May and June is fine. Click here to register or find out how it’s done. 

I’ll have to get walking again soon, but we haven’t had the best of weather. We had devastating winds last Friday and positively biblical rains and floods the week before with school closures, cars being swept down our city streets, power outages and so forth, so today's bit of sunshine has been a most welcome change.