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Sweet sunshine

Sweet Treats, Richmond, perfect for a little indulgence

It’s not often that we have such a perfect winter’s day. Yes, I know I should be doing my tax return but as I am also temporarily stalled on my other project, I took myself off for a gentle drive to Richmond, that quaint, frozen -in -time village about 23 Km north east of Hobart.

With school holidays coming up, I was wondering if the Richmond Maze was still open but couldn’t get an answer on the phone.  Unfortunately, the maze was closed and had a big “For Sale” sign on it, but while looking for a parking spot, I found myself outside the Richmond sweet shop which, leaving aside the hazards of tooth decay and obesity for the time being, would indeed be of interest to children of any age - occasionally

Walls of temptation

The sweet shop fits in beautifully with the Georgian architecture. Here they all are, things you don’t see much anymore – the cobbers, the clinkers, the bananas, the raspberries, the false teeth and the musk sticks and somewhere past acres of bullseyes and licorice, there are Jaffas,  the freckles, toffees and fudges, and even the Esmerelda balls I used to have in the shop. Alas, not many of the latter found their way to the customers. I blame that on my (sweet) deprived childhood.  It’s like meeting old friends.

Sue tells me that this shop has been leading people astray for 34 years

 Luckily I’d already eaten some caramels on the way here, so for the most part I managed to resist temptation. The lollies might be the same, but the prices definitely aren’t what they used to be. Not that I can complain about paying $1.80 for three extra long sherbet straws for the girls.

There are two cabinets of icecream to drool over too

Not all the customers are older or here for a bit of nostalgia. There are dinosaur sweets, assorted sours and what seem to be transformers. There’s also a special on waffles with hot chocolate and there’s every kind of ice cream you can imagine. I expect that it's standing room only here in summer, but today there are only a few people about and a coachload of schoolchildren who have been to the historic goal. I peer through small paned windows and poke around in some of the tiny shops.  The whole place reminds me of an English jigsaw puzzle we once had which depicted neat cottages behind perfectly trimmed hedges. Even the garbage bin is faintly artistic.

A tiny coffee nook
A peek inside other shops

Handmade jewellery sparkles in this one

Shop keepers take the time to talk

Venetian Glass sparkles in another

There are antique shops, galleries and craft outlets aplenty, not to mention all the other opportunities to eat, drink and generally ruin one's diet

Even Richmond's garbage bins seem to have a certain style

I leave before the sun gets too low. It will be dark soon and I am going to a children’s drama performance later this afternoon. I feel vaguely guilty as if I have wagged school, but I have enjoyed the little break. Every sunny winter’s day in Tasmania should be a public holiday, Vitamin D deprived as we are.

Look out Lollipops - next time I'll be bringing the tasting team!

I apologise for not having any heroic outdoor adventures to report. I am a fair weather walker and the days have been too cold and short. - More soon - enjoy your summer you Northerners!