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Helping our drought stricken farmers

These two charming hayseeds are raising money for the "A Fiver for  a Farmer" project at their school       

If it’s one thing ordinary Australians are good at, it’s rallying around when things are tough, be it because of bushfires, floods, or in this case, one of the worst droughts Australia has had since Federation (in 1902).
While the cumbersome machinery of government does its bit with low interest loans, income support and concessions and the like, and large corporations such as Qantas, Woolworths and Channel 9, have made substantial contributions, it is heartwarming to see so many people doing their best to help. 

Fundraiser at Groundsman Espresso  for Buy a Bale (see below)

Some of the more unusual efforts include a Fiver for a Farmer, begun by ten - year - old Sydney schoolboy Jack Berne and which has so far raised $155, 000, or the two sisters in Queensland, who, thinking of their own rural childhood, are collecting formal dresses, so that country girls don’t miss out on social activities such as their Leaver’s Dinner. 
Others, such as the Farm Army help out on farms while groups such as Lion's and Rotary donate time, goods, feed or transport. The very popular Buy a Bale program which operates in Woolworths supermarkets, also buys water, fuel and groceries for cash strapped families, while Drought Angels, recognising that drought also takes an emotional toll, endeavours to provide farm families with a break, care packages and fuel vouchers. 

Should you wish to make a donation, here's a list of the major charities involved with drought relief. They will ensure that ALL of the money is fairly distributed, starting with those most in need. See their websites too, for other ways in which you may be able to contribute:


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