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Interim Report

Mug Library at boho


Thanks for checking in!

Just wanted to touch base with you quickly as I’m now rushing through a course on Solid Waste Management and have a test tomorrow. I know it doesn't sound thrilling, but it has a lot of good ideas I hope to share with you later. In the meantime, just so you don’t go away completely empty handed, let me tell you about a nice little place I visited just before Christmas.

What caught my eye initially about boho, one of many little coffee shops near the beach in Kingston, was the mug library (see above) out the front.  If you haven’t brought your own cup, you can borrow one of theirs and bring it back later instead of using disposable cups. This works especially well when you have regulars.


Looking out the window at the rain outside - definitely not a beach day!


The other thing I liked about the place apart from the excellent coffee, the roaring fire and the interesting collection of goods for sale – clothing, jewellery, housewares, fragrant candles and so on, was the use of recycled materials in the courtyard –assorted chairs, old window frames, weathered tables, and lots of plants which gave it a rather casual, intimate air. It also enabled us all to keep our distance. 

Loved all the plants and the crazy furniture

A woman after my own heart -proprietor boho Jo

Heck, I even liked the writing on the wall! (and No, I didn't get a free cup of coffee! I am zee secret squirrel)