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Food for Thought -Eating Our Way to Extinction  


I’m in the process of rethinking our Christmas Dinner after watching this movie narrated by Kate Winslet. Briefly it says, the biggest difference we can make as individuals with respect to global warming and deforestation, is to change what we eat. This is aside from concerns about animal welfare and helping ourselves to better health. You can watch the full movie here.




A Vegan Christmas?

I have noticed that our big supermarkets now have a plant -based food section and they are definitely getting better. Have been thinking of making something like this Vegetarian Beef Wellington but may have left it a bit late for this year.

Here are some tips on coping with the festive season, if you want to begin your vegan journey now.  I’m sure all those farmed animals will be eternally grateful. Get more Christmas inspiration here  or here 


There is a blistering array of new vegan and vegetarian products on supermarket shelves and that's not counting those in the drygoods and canned sections such as beans and wholegrains.The prices of the ready meals are coming down too as more people  buy them


If you’ve already made Christmas plans, don’t despair, Veganuary is coming up. Veganuary is a month- long challenge which has been going for the past 10 years. Each day they send tips and recipes and if you need to argue with family members about why it’s necessary, there’s even a list of counter arguments for those who might try to dissuade you. 

At the very least it will give you a chance to try out a few different things to see if you like them. I haven't done the Veganuary  challenge yet, but just eating vegetarian meals three or four times a week and reducing the amount of meat we consume at a meal, has made a difference to our health, our weight and our wallet. I'm not saying it's right for everyone, but give it a go - you might want to check with your doctor first if you have any health concerns, and see how you feel.  

Don't worry if you fail or slip up. I'd be the last person to criticise. At this stage I still prefer cow's milk in coffee, though I use almond milk for everything else. I'm also guilty of using Greek yoghurt on some traditional dishes, though coconut yoghurt is great for desserts and any Brie and Camenbert on a cheese platter had better run and hide because I still find them pretty irresistible. I promise to try harder this year.  I'm also of the opinion that good company, good cheer and harmony are more important at Christmas than preaching about food choices, especially when someone has cooked you a meal. It is however, definitely time to start thinking, talking about about and experimenting with changes we could make.  Click here for more inspiration. 

Or to learn more about your FOODPRINT generally, and how you can reduce it, read more here

Making Christmas Greener

Yes, I know it's almost a bit late for this year but for more tips on how to have a greener, more ethical festive season you might want to check out the article by Greenpeace Canada which has some lovely packaging ideas using recycled and recyclable materials. Reader's Digest have some nice ideas for handmade gifts. Earth and Human, and New Scientist have articles along similar lines. Common themes include - travelling less, buying less and giving experiences rather than things, as well as avoiding plastic, excess packaging, disposables and food waste. 

However you celebrate this time of year, we wish you a wonderful time and especially a bit of  Peace on Earth!