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It's RUOK DAY 8/9/2022 [Translation: Are you OK?]


Vegan Blueberry Muffins -Not bad for someone who hates cooking


We’ll get back to our other topics shortly, but I just wanted to say how proud I am that my youngest son has just made these vegan muffins for his workmates for RUOK day.

Given that it’s World Suicide Prevention Day on Saturday the 10th of September, it’s a good time to mention it. RUOK Day is Australia’s unique way of helping people to open up about their feelings. Although there’s a big focus on men and workplaces  - men – especially Australian men, being particularly vulnerable, there are also resources for schools and universities, whole communities and neighbourhoods, and even coffee shops and cafes.

While you might not be able to fix whatever is troubling your friend, colleague, or neighbour - e.g. relationship breakdown, job loss, illness, financial woes or even natural disasters, you can help them to get through it. To get conversations about feelings going where you are, see the RUOK website for lots of tips on how to do this sensitively. Mostly it’s about listening and encouraging people or perhaps directing them to someone who is better able to help. You don’t need to solve their problem. You just need to be there for them.



Globally some 800,000 people a year end their lives, leaving behind grieving families and distraught co -workers, friends and others. We have a big problem in Australia which has a culture of men having to be strong silent types and never asking for help. This is why it’s important to notice subtle  changes in those around you and to encourage them to express themselves. Beyond Blue one of the leading support services in Australia, has some useful tips on what to look out for and how to start a conversation without prying or embarrassing the person. See more on their website. 


Additionally it recommends making a safety plan for those times when your life is in turmoil or you find yourself in a downward spiral, which often makes it difficult to think clearly or reach out.

There are good things happening in other parts of the world too, so I’ll try add some of those in the next day or two, along with some links to helplines, then get back to the matter in hand.


PS: If you’d like the recipe for the Muffins it’s from NoraCooks. It just might be the easiest way ever to get into vegan cookery.