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Mother's Day Thoughts

Nice change - a big bowl of coffee and croissantes in a French Restaurant

Thanks Guys!

I have never been a great fan of  Mother's Day. I am over white toasters and domestic appliances. Besides it seems to me that having and raising three children is a big price to pay for a bunch of  tatty flowers and a sickly sentimental card once a year. I've always disliked tokenism.
My personal preference would be for my dear ones to shower me with attention, appreciation, love and respect on the other 364 days as well. No, I 'm not holding my breath! I did actually hear from my oldest son. I fear the youngest has joined a silent order. Even when we lived in the same house he only communicated by SMS and now I don't even get those, not even when I leave pleading messages on his message bank.  It reminds me of that advertisement where a young man removes his headphones and angel choirs begin to sing. The voice over says something like," Hallelujah! Mrs. P. has just got her son's attention by mentioning someone or other's fast food for dinner."

What I really need on Mother's Day is a stiff drink and a good laugh.
Demetrius has got me at least halfway there with his Mother's Day post which combines several of my recent interests such as death and taxes. His blog also has some fascinating insights re British politics and the medieval state of our washing these days.


Anonymous said…
Very funny Mum - I'd be offended, but we both know none of us can be bothered buying anything on Mothers Day, especially not expensive tokens.

You totally deserve to be showered with attention, appreciation, love and respect on the other 364 days, but those things are like after dinner mints and hotel just have to take 'em where you can get 'em and pray your stockpile gets you through the winter. :)

- your son.