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Heh. Heh. Rang my youngest son yesterday although I swore I wouldn't ring him till he rang me, but you know how it is. Mothers immediately think their offspring must be lying bleeding and amnesic in hospital, not just being slack.
There was a long slow pause. Then .. " er..Happy Mother's..... Week?"

Apologies if the blog is bit scrambled at the moment. I don't get let out very often and only the cat is lower than I am in the pecking order when it comes to the computer. Even worse there have been outbreaks of Whooping Cough in the state and we've all had to have triple antigen shots which make you feel like merde. I don't remember them being this bad the last time I had them, but then again, Chickenpox was ten times worse as an adult too. I got them on the way to Tasmania while seriously pregnant with my daughter and thought I was going to have to be buried at sea.

Meanwhile, I have found the delightful Ikea video for the Doggie High Chair reported on April 1. The black carrots also mentioned on April 1, apparently have more antioxidants than orange ones and are supposed to be very effective against macular degeneration. I think I read that in Mental Floss, but can't find the post. Finally got the new glasses though (one of my non -New Year Resolutions), in case the carrots don't work.

Mental Floss also reports on a number of much more creative ways of disposing of your mortal remains and if none of those suit, there is always Tibetan Sky Burial (definitely environmentally friendly) and having your remains dissolved and poured down the drain - being done in the US but not yet legal. Obviously those chaps in Snowtown were way ahead of their time, but should probably have waited until their clients were dead.

Lastly, re children not having a childhood, I see someone has written a book about letting your kids play with fire and fortynine other dangerous things you should let them do if you don't want to blunt their curiousity and confidence. Read the full story and interview by Veronique Greenwood at the Atlantic.

Ikea are not the only ones creating flatpacks and thinking fondly of your pets.

 Suck. UK makes play houses for Cats -

Really like the instructions!

folded cardboard - flat packed
Fun for cats!  PLEASE NOTE - cats may need your help to build the models ...
click for...Plane , Fire Engine and Tank instructions.

design by SUCK UK

They have a number of other highly original products too. Love the mirror with the windscreen wiper, the  umbrella that changes with the weather, the bungee bird -feeder and the flower grenade to name a few, but it's the prose that really floats my boat. Read for example the product information for the Musical Ruler.

"If your attention tends to stray for even a second, why not master a musical instrument - courtesy of Suck UK - at your desk?  A musical instrument that doesn't involve heavy breathing, or co-ordination, or timing of any kind.  You needn't even leave your chair. You'll impress others - and maybe bring your office together in an impromptu, team-building singalong.  And then you can use it to underline your ever-growing To Do List.

Plastic ruler with printed finger markings and note positions.  Sliding the ruler up towards the edge of the desk alters the note, enabling you to play anything from
Abba to ZZ Top, just like this young gentleman...

This may be the only product in the world you can use to draw straight lines in your diary, and then to play House of the Rising Sun on the edge of your desk.
(We've tried ... you just cannot draw a straight line with a tuba!)
Pack contains 1 musical ruler and 1 guide to ruler playing."

I had no idea a ruler could be such a versatile instrument! I will never look at mine in the same way again.