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The Last Croak...

At least for the time being!.
Given that my life totally sucks at the moment and I am unlikely to be doing anything exciting for a while and I am not feeling wicked or witty or wise, I beg to be excused from writing this blog for a while. Check in with me in September or maybe Christmas, just so I don't bore you to death in the meantime.

The littler pink fairy and I have been to the shops. It sounds like a frog pond in there. Here a croak, there a croak, everywhere a croak croak. Or maybe a pack of performing seals. I am one of them and shouldn't be here, but we do need to eat and I am out of cigarettes. I try to keep my mouth closed and am thinking we should all have those blue masks which people in Korea wore when I got there in the middle of the first SARS epidemic. They look scary. I am sure people do stay away, but do they actually work?

In case you are wondering what these exquisite pictures are about, the girls and I have been playing head body and legs. Basically you cut a selection of each out of the newspapers and mix them up. It can produce some very amusing results especially if you add captions.

I'll be sure to let you know if anything more thrilling happens, but sayonara for now.

I'm sure this must be illegal. It's the best fun we have had for days