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The great bicycle conspiracy

They are coming! 
They are taking over our streets and houses. They lurk on verandahs, in backyards, in garages and behind locked gates. They are taking over shops and restaurants, parks and city streets. They congregate in large numbers at the university and plot secretly in dark alleys. They are getting ready to take over cities and governments. You never see  riders.  Just bikes.
You see them in hallways and sunrooms....

In kitchens and probably bathrooms too.

On verandahs... 
In front yards...
..and back

...and they probably visit one another  too.
Taking over parks and parking spots



.... and even the Museum for heaven's Sake!

Taking on the market

I can hear them now, "Arise and unite two -wheelers! Let us free ourselves from the domination of the car!"
In Tasmania they have quietly taken over our backroads. In Taiwan the bicycle paths are linking up.
Too bad about the weather in Tas. and I don't see how I can fit a bed on one, though I have seen some original designs and bikes that cost more than my last car.
 The Revolution is coming. The bikes are getting ready to spring.

I’ll keep you posted.