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Time to smell the roses

A red rose means " I still love you"

There are times when you really need smellavision. Normally I am not that fond of formal showy flowers such as rhododendrons, gladioli and roses, but this year they are so amazing, I can't help stopping to photograph them. The secret I am told is "savage pruning," so I guess there has been a bit of it around here.
Did you know that roses have secret meanings? These are from and I'll put some in here if they are listed. I'm not a great believer, but I do like a little magic here and there. It says green roses mean you are from Mars. Didn't see any of those.

Deep Pink means Gratefulness

Perfect happiness, secret love, grace & sweetness, please believe me


Rose (damask) - Freshness, Persian ambassador of love

Rose (lavender) means Enchantment. This is the Cymbaline rose which always has enchanment for me

Rose (white) - Eternal Love; innocence; heavenly; secrecy and silence

Tea roses have a lovely scent
 There are climbing roses, standard roses, roses two stories high.

 Yes, it's definitely a good season for roses. Take the time to smell them.