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Something else to worry about

Trust Google? Trust Facebook?

Google must think I’m a Nazi. It’s now offering tours of the Fall of the Third Reich on my website. I suppose it’s because I mentioned Germany in connection with my Mum.
Not sure I like web crawlers.
While it’s random and only in the interests of marketing, I suppose it’s not too bad. They have to make money somehow as my resident Geeks point out. It’s not a conspiracy. They have infinite faith in the web and say be grateful that a lot of the searching is done for you, there’s just too much information out there about everything.
There are other dangers however, when you are being typecast by your searches. Listen to Eli Pariser tell you about them. I have just read his book “The Filter Bubble” and he has a lot more to say about the loss of common ground as we are each offered our personal tailored universes and little else. [TED has a number of other interesting free lectures. Check them out for yourself].

Facebook is probably even worse when it comes to privacy.  Just listen to their terms of service:
Facebook, not what you think. PLEASE SEE THIS

Mark Zuckerberg was noticeably evasive on the subject  during a recent TV interview.
I don’t use Facebook any more. I was going to try Scroogle as it crumbles your cookies, but apparently it’s really annoying when you try to log on to your regular stuff.

Should we worry? I do think we should insist on having disclosure as to who has access to our information as they do in Europe.  At the moment, it can be passed on to anyone and for any purpose. And should we be able to correct what is on our files? How can we if we don’t know who has them and what for? What do you think?