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Just Clowning Around

Clown Doctors at Work
As usual I missed a couple of things this week. The first was the National Day against Bullying on March 16th and the second was World Water Day on March 22, both important issues, but I have had a bit of difficulty getting on the Web lately (Was it something I said?) and I feel like something a bit lighter myself today, so I thought I might get in early for once and talk about something cheerful.
April 1 appropriately, is Smile Day, a fundraising day for the Clown Doctors who have been bringing laughter and joy to children and the elderly in our hospitals.  Anyone who has ever been confronted by a hospital procedure as a child will appreciate what they do. It has also been found to have physical and psychological benefits. In Australia there are 55 Clown Doctors working with around 100,000 people in major hospitals. Their motto is:

Smiling is highly infectious. Help spread it around.

Easy ways to help are to have a fund raising morning tea, a funny hat competition at work or at school or even a comedy night. The last two would be especially good, given that it is April Fool’s Day. Clown Doctors near you could also come to speak to your group, or your workplace may want to sponsor a clown doctor. There are many more ideas on their website. You can also make a donation there or via the Commonwealth Bank. No one has many good things to say about banks lately, but the Staff Community Fund at the Commonwealth has been supporting the Clown Doctors for eleven years. 

This joke is from their website where they usually feature a joke of the week.

What cheese is made backwards?

P.S. Why are ant eaters so healthy? Cause they are full of anty-bodies.
If like moi, you don't have too much cash, at least send them some more jokes.