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Small Update on the Fairy Garden

I was outraged a few months ago when I saw what had happened to a favourite place in the neighbourhood, but I'm pleased to see that something - not sure exactly what, has now been planted there. It's a pity that it is going to take so long before it regains  a little bit of  the magic and mystery that it had before.

How it looked before
How it looked last year
Starting to heal up and hair over, Thank Goodness!
And while I think of it, on the subject of the appalling state of our roads, if a fraction of the cost of constantly  enlarging and improving those elaborate interchanges around Launceston, were spent on our rural roads, the whole state would benefit, including Launceston. They remind me of Luxembourg, where an excess of wealth has spawned massive freeways which stop at the border and totally obscure its intrinsic charm.
The same goes for Kingston with its circus of roundabouts which no one wants to visit. With the money saved by the council  it could afford to put a few dozen Portaloos on Bruny Island. Since tourism is now our top earner, perhaps we should think about enabling our visitors to relieve themselves with dignity. The residents  and ratepayers of Bruny deserve better too.