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A gleam of Autumn

It’s Autumn - usually my favourite season when the days are clear and mellow, perfect for walking, and the trees put on their stunning colour display. Not so this year – it’s been wet or overcast and cold. Most of the leaves have stayed a muddy yellow green or have just turned brown and fallen off. I haven’t been able to do any walking either.

Not much autumn colour this year - Mostly everything looks like this

Only the reds have shown up clearly, like gleaming jewels, amid the browns and greens  and the berries have done well too. My son has a scientific explanation. The leaves have more anthocyanins and the plants are developing more sugar, but what does it mean? There are rumours of a warmish winter to come. Are the berries for the birds because they won’t need to migrate? Who knows, but it is different this year. 

There is almost nothing flowering, but there are lots of berries
Something for the birds?
Warm Winter? Cold Winter? What does the abundance of berries mean?

All is quiet and static as if Nature is holding her breath.

Children frolic among the fallen leaves