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Time for a change?

Hi there everyone!

You may have noticed that I have been experimenting with different blog templates. I feel that this is a quieter time. All the bright buildings here have reverted to greys and whites and a particular shade of yellowish green grey. I do think the dark colours highlight the pictures better, though I am after a more subtle design. There are now so many competing blogs and so much busy, busy competing advertising. If you prefer the old design, let me know, if you can still remember what it was. Let me know too if you come across other blog pages which you liked whose design may be suitable for this one.

What about content? Are you happy that I write about things as I find them on a particular day, as I would have for newspapers, or would you prefer one blog for nature- based/ travel only, and that the other stuff - random events, recycling,  good ideas seen here and elsewhere, appear in a separate blog, or should I leave it as it it is, so if one post is not of great interest because you are unlikely to visit, another one might be? Is there something else you would rather see?

Almost impossible to find -  Bonsai and Ghost Patrol's "Weedy Seadragon" was one of the earliest public art projects. To find out what a Leafy Seadragon is. click here.

Meanwhile, I came across the above Hobart City Council sponsored Art Project while out with my son for some Mother's Day treats - lunch with two desserts, because I couldn't make up my mind which one to have - so decadent, and followed by a trip to the movies. My other son and his partner gave me a book I wish I had written - don't you hate that.
It's called "Atlas of Improbable Places" and I have at least been to one of them - Free Christiania, in Copenhagen. I am certainly looking forward to reading about and maybe seeing some of the rest - something to fantasize about while I can't get away.

A heart attack in every bite, but I always wondered what Banoffee was.