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Winter Wonders – Two Waterfalls and other delights

Winter river
Winter is here. 

There’s a little snow falling on the mountain as I write. It gets dark at 4.30 and the nights are cold. Wood smoke drifts on the night air and the last remaining leaves look like decorations left over from a long ago party. Despite the temptation to stay indoors sipping hot chocolate for the next three months, I have been lured out at least twice.  Nature may appear to be sleeping but there are still several exciting things going on. 

There have been reports of spectacular aurorae, the biolumescent plankton has returned to our beaches and the fungi have been absolutely amazing. More on those later....

Meanwhile here are some waterfall pictures to keep you going. While not so high, they are a pretty sight when you can bring yourself to go outside and these involve only short walks not far from Hobart.  

Black Glen - a series of pretty cascades, some of them quite high at Lachlan near New Norfolk

One of the longer falls at Black Glen
Looking down over the lower level of Myrtle Forest falls, Collinsvale

Upper level Myrtle Forest falls, not to be confused with Myrtle Gully Falls on the other side of Mt. Wellington