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Lilac Time

Just a few snippets today as I have been sick this week and now have a lot of catching up to do. I have also been testing my camera as it wasn’t working properly when we went to Tahune. This is such a beautiful time of the year. The scent of lilacs is in the air. It always reminds me of that wonderful summer in Siberia* where lilacs are used as street trees. Most of the other trees are are now clothed in lush green although there are still a few cherry blossoms about.

Mobile Healthcare for the Homeless

Free Hearing tests for Seniors Week

Free books and reading on the way to town

For weary bookworms
Post office does its bit for farmers too

There are some divine aquilegas about too

Hope you are all feeling perky and thank you very much for the lovely comments and feedback on the blog, which, as usual, I only seem to discover when I have enforced downtime. Nature’s way of making you stop and smell the roses – er lilacs.

* Cheers to all my friends there. I've just looked back at some of the blog pics. from that time and see they are small and squibby and that some have fallen off. I will try to update these at some stage, as they simply do not convey the beauty of the place.