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Still no Road Trip..

Spring is in the air. Must be time to do a road trip. Back soon.....
Update: Saturday: No, it's not. We've just been promised another week of severe weather - floods, high winds etc. The farmers on our East Coast will be pleased!

Update: Sunday 15/4/2019
 Still no road trip.I'm starting to think that this idea is dead in the water. On Wednesday night the roof blew off our local school (winds 115Kph and very gusty) and since then I have more or less been surrounded by young persons who were at a loss as to what to do with their good fortune.  Then, just as that little crisis was almost over, I was struck down by a monstrous toothache, so that was that.
Feeling rather grumpy and cabin feverish, I will now try to write about plastic packaging, which I have been meaning to write about since Plastic- free July, but which has now reached a crisis point.
I remain incautiously optimistic about the coming week, but won't say it aloud, lest Huey the weather God hears me and all I get are views of ice and snow through a blurry windscreen. Not that it isn't pretty.