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We interrupt this program...

-Image courtesy of Pixabay


Dear Friends,

Apologies for the break in transmission. Have almost finished the section on Renewables and there are exciting things happening here too, but my poor old van died on the road this week and I’ve been frantically trying to get another motor for it. If anyone happens to have a spare Toyota Hi Ace 1992 2RZ lying around (petrol with carburettor), please let me know. The poor white whale looks very sad now. I hadn’t taken it out for a year and had just had its suspension done but the shock must have been too much. It ran like a dream until  I got to the biggest hill on the way to the West. Then, on a set of awful bends it gave a little sigh, blew clouds of smoke and gave up the ghost. Thank goodness for the RACT and the lovely man from Coca Cola who helped me to get home. Such a shame. It was a beautiful day too. Now I am grounded until I get that motor sorted out.


Meanwhile, given that Glasgow is coming up and everyone will be patting themselves on the back for agreeing to get to net zero, let me present some sobering thoughts from James Dyke (University of Exeter), Robert Watson (University of East Anglia) and Wolfgang Knorr (Lund University) as to why that’s not enough.