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-Image courtesy of Pixabay

Dear Friends,

Apologies for being a bit slow to post anything this week. We are about to have the election of a lifetime, possibly of all of our lifetimes. It will certainly determine Australia’s future and our fate as a nation along with the other species with which we share it, so forgive me if  I’m a bit distracted until after the  

Meanwhile, I see that the Philippines are likewise in the process of having elections. So many young people are keen to have a Marcos family member back. This is really depressing, because it means that they don’t know their history. Nor is it the only country where  the art of forgetting has taken place. Other countries such as Hungary and Brazil also seem to have forgotten the many struggles for democracy their people have endured. In the USA, attempts are under way to reverse the right of women to decide if they will bear a child or not. This too is a step back into darkness and misery. How dare authorities dictate what a person may do with their own body. It’s not as if the world needs even more people.

I don’t understand why people are being so easily taken in by propaganda or the promise of the good times rolling again, at least for some – never mind the cost to others. Don’t be fooled, business as usual will no longer work. The wild frontier days when humans could treat the whole world as one big treasure chest which they could loot and exploit at will, are over. In the long term, even those who still think they can win at this game will suffer. There will be no winners.

Think carefully people. Now is the time everywhere, to consider how much power we should yield to others and what the consequences will be in the long term, beyond the promise of tax cuts or short-term relief.