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The Valentine' s Day Edition

It's a bit late now to be sending out Christmas cards if you didn't already get one, but I am still in time to wish all my Korean friends all the best for Solnal, the Lunar New Year. Have a great time visiting your families and may you all dream of glorious red pigs in flight and win huge amounts of $$$$$ playing Yut No Ri. Oh yes, and may you also get lots of red envelopes! Check this webpage for flying pig sightings

It's not too late for St. Valentine's Day either, so I hope you get lots of presents from all those secret admirers. This half -eaten heart belongs to Korea's best bus driver of 2006.

We did however, miss Groundhog Day on February 2. This is an unofficial American event which is said to predict when spring will start. The saying goes that if the Groundhog - a small rodentlike creature, stays in his hole on the 2nd. of February, then winter will go on for another six weeks.

In case you haven't guessed, I love to celebrate everyone's festivals and holidays as it makes life so much more interesting and more fun. I must tell my dear ones about White Day, Day Culture and Peppero Day. Just three more excuses to eat chocolate.

Typical Valentine's Day displays in Korean Shops

MMmmmmm. I am surprised our marketers haven't caught on to this yet.
White Day for example, is another Valentine's Day, specially for females (Feb. 14th. is mainly for boys in Korea), whereas Day Culture involves celebrating your relationship at fixed intervals such as 100 days, by going out and buying each other expensive presents. Peppero Day was started by a Japanese chocolate company to promote sales of pretzel sticks dipped in chocolate. This has now expanded to include a huge array of different chocolate sticks. I defy you to get through the day (Nov 2?) without having to eat at least ten of these.

Be sure to let me know of any other obscure festivals I may have overlooked such as the opening of marmot season in Mongolia perhaps. This is one of the advantages of having having friends in many places. The comments section now works (new blogger) if you want to write back, though it may take a few days till I can get back to you.
Cheers all - Veronika

PS not everyone is excited about Valentine 's Day. Google has no less than 2,230,000 I Hate Valentine's Day Sites see for example:

Nor are all the people embittered singles. Some of the comments are quite profound
The word is that sales of Anti Valentine's Day cards are doing surprisingly well and Anti Valentine's Day Parties are proving popular too.

There are also some interesting products on offer including an "I hate you collection" from Tina Tarantino, jewellry maker to the stars, and a U.S. animal protection society is offering a whole range of merchandise including mugs, tank tops and the usual tee shirts and hats in various I hate Valentine's Day designs.