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Goodbye Fairy Garden. This is what it looked like a few years ago. The little girls I met there called it that
The next two pictures show what it looks like now.....

Sorry. I don't see this as improvement

Obviously the people who did this don't have a romantic bone in their body and should be found some kind of occupational therapy that doesn't involve chopping things down or doing things with chainsaws and bulldozers.  Perhaps they had an unhappy childhood. Ask any child if they would rather have one of those ubiquitous plastic playgyms or a pile of dirt and some trees to climb and you know what the answer will be. There is plenty of native bushland in the background, so it is not as if the willows and ivy were doing much encroaching here either - at best they held the soil, but more on that later as I am also having an argument with one of my sons about the last post.