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False Dawn - It's still winter

I took these photos a couple of weeks ago when I thought it was the last we'd see of the snow
Now the weather gods have sent us a quick message that winter is not over yet.

Road weather alerts, snow, hail, flood warnings, gale warnings, warnings for boaties, warnings for bushwalkers and sheep weather alerts.
I shiver for those poor skinny sheep who've already been shorn.

Today's news looks like this:

Police rescue motorists stranded in heavy snowfall in Tasmania's south

12:56 EST
Snow has affected some roads in Tasmania's south, prompting police to warn drivers to use extreme caution after a number of motorists were left stranded on Friday night.

Wild weather for the Southwest

12:13 EST
A strong cold front is moving across the Southwest bringing gusty winds, heavy rain and the chance of some severe thunderstorms.
Heavy snow in Tasmania leaves motorists stranded south of Hobart

While this can happen at almost any time of year in Tasmania, especially in the highlands, the message is clear. Don't go anywhere without your winter woollies, not even on what looks like a sunny day.  
Wish my daughter would stop sending me photos of golden beaches and tropical sunsets!