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In Praise of Footpaths

Some beautiful weather and the wattle is in bloom -it even smells like spring!

OK I take it back. There is something to be said for footpaths. Meandered along The Margate Rivulet Walk a few days ago when the weather was delightfully springlike.
For the most part it was very pleasant, having been cleared and maintained by the Green Corps and the Tramway Hill Landcare Group, but on the map it looked as if the track would continue further up the river.
We struggled on for a while but were soon defeated by blackberries, swamps and fallen trees.
We should have stayed at the wide grassy area which would have made a great picnic spot. Above it were postcard views across the rolling hills to Snug Tiers, replete with grazing sheep and contented cows. We also enjoyed a friendly encounter with frisky young goats and a friendly farmer (maybe that should that read, a frisky farmer and friendly young goats). Felt rather frisky myself but was still grateful for the strategically placed seat at the top of the only hill.

This was probably where the saw mill was as there are the remains of a stone wall. Margate started as a convict sawing station in 1818 supplying much of the timber for the large buildings in Hobart. It then became a farming community with orchards and hops while its sheltered harbour was used  for ship building. I was surprised to discover that it was once also a coal mining region as there is no evidence of that today. Several of the walks in the area are in fact old tramway routes.These days Margate is more famous for its seafood and has a lovely Picnic/BBQ area on its beach and the harbour appears to be popular with yachties. Birds abound on this track and in the summer there are wildflowers and sometimes platypuses/platypii in the creek, though we didn't see any today.

There was one other little surprise though, a bit kitchy I know, but I am sure the children would just love it. The said friendly farmer told us that he finished building it after his grandchildren had started the project, but that guinea pigs live in it now. He did however, make it long enough in case he ever had to sleep in it. 

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