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Avagoodweekend* - A bit of Sun Worship

At the weekend we and about ten thousand other people head to Kunyani -Mount Wellington for a bit of Mountain Worship on this fine Saturday

Being so far South and prone to bad weather, almost all Tasmanians are sun - deprived and short on Vitamin D. The first days of Spring which we are having now, bring everyone out of their caves and winter hibernation to capture those first rays of sunshine. It is cause for celebration. 

Here the Lads of the Blue Emporium celebrate the sun and the arrival of the weekend with a beer and some music on the street 

Up on Kunyani  the walk to the trig Point looks like a Haj
Great Views
I was hoping the wildflowers might be out, but there's still a bit of snow around and not much to see
Looking North East
Looking South East

We have ourselves a little picnic at the Old Springs Hotel Site which soon attracts some of Tasmania's endemic crows. The wild daffodils are out. The sun seems to have slipped behind the mountain, though it's still light enough to see. This area has always seemed just a little haunted to me. Benign ghosts of course.The Hotel,  which was where Hobart's idle rich went to escape the summer heat, burnt down in the 1967 bushfires.  For some reason, I always imagine ladies in long dresses dancing on this green, especially on moonlit nights. The full moon is already rising.

Steps to nowhere 1
Steps to nowhere 2
The first crow
Two more- I am not sure how many crows constitute a murder of crows but I am most definitely reminded of Alfred Hitchcock's "The Birds"

PS: Note the gradual shift to use of Aboriginal place names - Our local mountain is now known as Kunanyi - Mt. Wellington. Hobart itself is starting to be called Nipaluna and Tasmania is referred to as Lutrawitta