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Bury Me Standing - A short post about a long coffee

Loved all the flowers
Thought I would be writing about our beautiful spring blossoms today, but on Tuesday night we had a terrible storm and now there are hardly any left. Looks like I have to tell you about a delightful little coffee shop I discovered instead. 

It reminds me of some of the crazy ones I visited in Russia – eclectic d├ęcor, eclectic people and a really nice vibe that makes you want to stay there and write novels or at least drink coffee all day (and no, I didn’t get a freebie from them).
What got me in was that they had fresh flowers all over the place- more than necessary really, and then you start noticing all the other stuff –definitely some conversation starters there! 

You could say the place is colourful

Oh. And did I mention the coffee wasn't half bad and they have enormous yummy bagels. I’m sure they have other interesting food, but after the apple fruit bagel generously loaded with cream cheese, I couldn’t bring myself to look. I do know that they have an excellent variety of bagels as I had a really hard time choosing between them. 

Maurice enjoying a coffee
The atmosphere is intimate

I see this as a sign that Hobart really is coming on. Coffee culture is definitely happening  -be it in a hole -in  -the  -wall,  a grand hotel or sprawled over the footpath or both. The food gets more interesting every day and there are some lovely little shops. The latest addition is a Speaker’s Corner. I look forward to seeing it in action.