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Bless this Mess and Merry Christmas


Not the usual Christmas display


Not exactly a White Christmas Downunder but it’s raining hard in this little corner of the world. I won’t complain. It’s better than the drought and bushfires of last Christmas. It also makes cooking and eating those traditional Christmas dinners with roasts and doughty puddings a lot more pleasant and appropriate.

Christmas will be more subdued this year. Gatherings will be smaller. There won’t be the great scramble of holiday makers and visitors. The pandemic still stalks the land -Sydney has new outbreaks, mostly courtesy of returning travellers, though we are still better off than many, especially those in the USA and the UK.  Many Australians and others are also still stranded overseas or in quarantine. We hope you’ll manage to catch a bit of Christmas cheer too. Same goes for those still in detention here or elsewhere, those stuck in refugee camps and those who have no home to go to.

If you are wondering why I am in the middle of a muddle this Christmas instead of having a beautifully laid table with carefully curated Christmas decorations, it’s because I am rushing through a couple of short courses at the moment, hoping to find some solutions to our various problems, rather than simply relying on ‘thoughts and prayers.'

We might be a bit light on presents and a bit low on bling, but we wish you

Peace, love and happiness and especially good health

And a much better