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She's Back!

INTERIM REPORT: Stardate: Sunday, October 03, 2010 Western Australia

Hi there everyone!

Just an interim report to apologise for not being in touch very much and to let you know that despite my best efforts I have now managed to get back to Perth, Western Australia and should be back in Tasmania next month. Have been moving around a lot and haven’t had much internet access, but promise I will start writing up my adventures as soon as I get there to remind me that all this actually happened and wasn’t just a dream and to remind me of all of you who have been my angels along the way. Thank you for keeping alive the ancient tradition of hospitality and kindness to strangers!

Not only wouldn’t I have gotten very far without all your help, but it wouldn’t have been half as much fun. Have just started looking through the photos and will try to email them to you as I come across them. Watch this space and may the force be with you!

With love and thanks–

the shoestring traveller

PS the direct email link on this blog doesn't work - messed it up when I set it up, so write to me direct via my normal email address. A lot of the email addresses I got from you didn't work either, so drop me a line.