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Australia Day Thoughts - Coming to Australia

Want to be at home among the Gum Trees? Read On...
Visiting, Working or Studying in Australia

Today is Australia Day and that seems as good a time as any to talk about coming to Australia - another thing which people have been asking about.

Visiting Australia
If you simply want to visit, the easiest way is to apply for the very cheap eVisa which is available to most people coming from European Countries. This site will tell you if you are eligible and also has the relevant forms. It’s very easy to apply over the internet and basically you just have to show that you are of good character and have enough money to be able to support yourself during your stay. Don’t try to come without going through this process, because Australia is very harsh on illegal immigrants and people who overstay their visas:

Working Holidays
Western Australia has an excellent website on this topic including places where you can apply for jobs:
Here is their checklist:
·  Apply to Department of Immigration and Citizenship
·  Apply to Australian Taxation Office for tax file number
·  Ensure you have spare money
·  Open a bank account
·  Bring suitable work clothes
·  Make sure you have sufficient insurance and health cover

Working Holiday Visa

Under Western Australia's working holiday maker program, visitors aged 18 to 30 can supplement their travel funds through temporary employment. Citizens from the United Kingdom, Canada, the Netherlands, Japan, Republic of Ireland, Republic of Korea, Malta, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Hong Kong, Finland, the Republic of Cyprus, France, and Italy, Belgium and Taiwan aged between 18 and 30 and without children can participate in the Working Holiday Program.

Working Holiday visas now allow you to work in any one job for six months, instead of the previous three month restriction, so there'll be plenty of opportunities for you to work in Perth and Western Australia.


 Workstay Australia

Do Some Seasonal Work and Extend Your Stay

Working Holiday Makers who spend at least three months doing seasonal work in regional Australia are eligible to apply for a second Working Holiday visa and extend their stay by 12 months. Find out more about seasonal work.

There is also a section on Work That Makes a Difference. For example, you could become a Conservation Volunteer.

Working in Australia or Migrating to Australia

If you want to work or stay permanently in Australia, the short answer is, if you are in a job where skills are short in Australia, particularly engineering or IT, you may have a chance to be sponsored – just look down the jobs lists and see who is recruiting. There are also firms such as who specialize in this and who offer a free assessment of your chances. Don’t be sucked in to using immigration agents as they often charge a lot of money for services you don’t really need! If you do decide to use one for any reason make sure he or she is on the list of those approved by the Australian Immigration authorities!

Kate Southam and Zsa-Zsa Bowie Wilson at CareersOne * have written extensively on this:

*[You may not get this website straight off. If you have difficulty click on Kate’s column and scroll down the left hand margin until you see the article Migrating to Australia: Sponsorship]

The Career One Website
has job listings and where you can put your resume for people to see, it also tells you a lot about what to expect in Australia, your legal rights as an employee and the expectations of employers. There are also useful tips on things like writing cover letters and resumes and dealing with interview questions.

Two other useful sites Kate mentions are the Australian Embassies, Australian Embassy. and this website to read information tailored to migrants already in Australia looking for work. South Australia has its own immigration website.

Studying in Australia

For the people who want to study in Australia, this is the site
Most universities also have their own sites so if you know where you want to study it’s worth contacting the university in that state.
If you scroll to the bottom right of this site, you can translate information into most languages

If you specifically want to improve your English, here is a list of English Courses in Tasmania

Our friendly kangaroos will look under your car and make sure everything is alright

PS The Blog will be a bit quiet now until my sister gets here in March as I will be working on another project until then, but do check back from time